Story from our clients - 68.55% AL

Skrotkraft is one of our beloved clients. They are an scrap recycling company in the north of Sweden who mainly buys from local electricans, plumbers and industries.

Scrapanalysis has been in contact with Skrotkraft for about 3 months. Skrotkraft then had the opportunity to buy approx 25 tonnes of aluminum cable that had been demolished by a local demolition company. The demolition company needed to unestablish the demolition as quickly as possible and needed to move the cable and sell it. Skrotkraft contacted Scrapanalysis to see if they had the analysis of this cable. Very true, the analysis existed and Skrotkraft obtained an exact value for the material which meant that they could decide whether to resell or process it themselves.

Aluminium content: 68.55% Good luck in the future, Skrotkraft AB!

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